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You've been looking forward to getting some time away from the temperature calibrator and taking a vacation to sunny California, right? Odds are that your travels will land you in beautiful Bakersfield. With an interior location and a name not as famous as some of the larger cities, Bakersfield is not as well known to tourists as Los Angeles or San Francisco. However, it's for exactly that reason that the city is a great place to go on your vacation, as it's not as busy, and you will find the prices for everything much more reasonable.

Prices and a low key atmosphere are great, but the important question of course is, what is there to do in Bakersfield? Well, we have some information here that can help you decide what exactly you want to do on your trip.

First, a recommendation as far as accommodations. While hotel and motel rooms are still the most popular options by far, people should not overlook the alternatives. From Bakersfield to Toronto, B & B businesses are seeing an increase in the number of visitors. You get to stay in a comfortable home, with a meal and company, and your hosts can be great resources for local amenities as well. Bed and breakfast joints aren't what they used to be. They are now more modern businesses with a great combination of home style and hotel privacy.

Once you have your base of operations started, you'll want to discover what Bakersfield is all about. People with no familiarity of the area might think that R & B, hip hop music, and other styles rule over all of California. However, in Bakersfield, country music is still number one. The city is third behind only Texas and Nashville as a country music capital in the nation. Those who love this style of music should pay a visit to the Buck Owens Crystal Palace, which features live performances of both new and established country music acts, many of whom use the original Bakersfield sound.

Families who like to see what the great outdoors has to offer in any location should pack up their cloth diaper covers, the sunscreen, and the kids and take a look at the national parks and exhibits to be found in the country surrounding the city. Pan for gold at the Keyesville Recreational Mining Area, hike the canyons of Kings National Park, or raft on a nearby river.

From outdoor activities at renowned parks to faux painting instruction at the local museums, there is plenty to do here in Bakersfield. It's a great place to visit, and we've barely even scratched the surface!

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